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Everything is time-sensitive. You can not afford to wait for an opportunity to knock your door.

Business Management

Business management system(BMS®) offer convenience in real estate buying and selling.

Marketing Services

Marketing is an art we are specilized in. We will market your business to increase your sale.


PREDAM Services

Premier Real Estate Development and Management Services - PREDAMS.

Pioneering Real Estate Management through our State of the Art Service System, (Premier Real Estate Development and Management Service) "Predams", is one window solution encompassing all aspects of Real Estate Marketing and Development. "Predams" reflects perfection.

It holds expertise in the following areas:

  • Real Estate Investment Management

    Our Real Estate Investment Management team is focused and result driven because great service matters.

  • Project Conception and Strategy

    The aim is giving directions and depths to productivity and transformation.

  • Land Acquisition and Entitlement

    Represent project and client in municipal meetings and public hearing whenever required. Also conduct internal market analysis of market comparable, rent studies and local income demographics.

  • Technical Assistance

    The focus is to manage and implement road maintenance, achieve better control of programming, planning, budgeting and financing.

  • Project Design

    Our focus is client and to create the design they desire. We manage your home.

We help you to increase your sale through
our great marketing network.

Our Quality Services



Exploring every detail of a project to uncover how we can maximize the financial and physical strength of your development strategy Maximization of the performance of a project team (architects, engineers, financing partners, legal, third party consultants,etc.) and guide your finance, development and design choices to build an asset that is attractive, has strong financial performance, provides an attractive asset to the community and has longevity in the market.

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Identify suitable site for project development Evaluate preliminary financial feasibility utilizing proprietary financial models Cursory assessment of zoning, entitlement and potential environmental issues with local municipality Analyze potential development sites for tax credit service and amenity scoring Conduct internal market analysis of market comparable, research studies on rental yields and annual appreciation, existing vacancy rates and local income demographics Negotiation of purchase and sale agreement terms and conditions with brokers and land owners to correspond with the project timeline.

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Evaluate design compliance with zoning ordinances, set back requirements and architectural design guidelines required by the local municipality/development authorities Engage 3rd party reports including environmental analysis for Phase 1 and 2 environmental studies, geotechnical studies, environmental Impact reports, traffic studies, acoustical studies etc. Manage plan check and permitting process by managing architects, engineers, and local government planning official correspondence Represent project and client in municipal/development authorities meetings and public hearings where required Land ownership title conversion, preemption, and verification or clarification of all relevant land administration practices.

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Successful track record of completed development deals utilizing infill and brownfield sites Investigation of all feasible construction sites and sourcing project sites those are suitable for reuse, including infill lots and coordination with local government bodies to utilize brownfield sites.

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In-bound and outbound marketing, Client-engagement, Digital strategy and outreach, Leads generation and conversion, Brand identity and awareness, Portfolio management.

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Financing application preparation or assistance Advise clients on financial strategies to maximize equity and bond or loan proceeds raised and negotiate with lenders and investors on deal terms Financing and underwriting consulting including management of third party consultants, due diligence processes, title and escrow coordination and debt equity and closing teams.

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Be automated - To grow more & make it profitable

We automate your business for you to make it accessable and more convieniant for you to manage it. With use of modren technology we provide fast and secure way to process your business. Reports will be avaliable 24/7.
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BMS provide the smart platform for the Associates and Developers designed to offer convenience and lifestyle services. Our Business Management System (BMS®) is a flexible 24/7 reservation / booking system made for any project which needs scheduling and managing their bookings. It helps Associates and Developers at one click for better engagement, financial management, transparency and for customer ease.
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